World Class Environmental Resources specializes in assisting our healthcare industry clients comply with the complex regulatory requirements that hospitals, pharmacies, and long term care facilities have to face.  Our experienced team of regulatory compliance experts develop compliance plans to meet federal and state rules regarding the management of hazardous waste, DOT hazardous materials and DEA medication collection and destruction

Below are a few examples of the type of Compliance Plans
that can be developed for your facility.

EPA/State Hazardous Waste Standards

  • Waste Analysis
  • Generator Category
  • Ten Facility Standards
  • Five Management Standards
  • Recordkeeping forms, checklists, reports and documents
  • Compliance calendar

DOT Hazardous Materials Shipments

  1. Examine the properties of each product that you ship
  2. Classify in accordance with Hazardous Materials Table
  3. Marking
  4. Labeling
  5. Placarding
  6. Packaging
  7. Package Testing
  8. Shipping Papers
  9. Emergency Response
  10. Incident Reporting
  11. Training
  12. Security Awareness

DEA Medication Collection and Destruction

  • DEA Registrant/Collector Status
  • DOT Special Permit
  • Placement, Installation & Operation of Collection Devices
  • Security
  • Shipment to Reverse Distributors
  • Destruction
  • Prohibited Items
  • Employee Training
  • Recordkeeping