Circa 1995: Al was getting concerned. While he had no specific reason to be alarmed, his waste management contractor was unable or unwilling to document where his wastes ultimately were disposed of. Wastes went from transfer station to transfer station but actual treatment or disposal was an elusive site to define. Al worried that his waste could end up in a mismanaged facility that would cause problems in the future

Sure enough, Al was right!! In 2016 Al received a letter stating that his waste went to a defunct disposal site requiring a $20 million clean-up. His company was named as a Potentially Responsible Party and liable to pay for a share of this project under the federal Superfund law.

Fortunately, Al decided way back in 1995 to implement our Comprehensive Waste Management Process and changed his waste contractor to one he could trust. By knowing the ultimate fate of his waste he could make an informed decision on selection of a reputable contractor. This decision saved Al’s company thousands of dollars had he not changed.

Consider our Comprehensive Waste Management Process for your waste:

  • Waste Analysis –EPA and DOT regulatory requirements are aligned with disposal site handling practices. Thousands of our client’s waste products have been analyzed, classified, segregated and managed in an economical and simplified manner
  • Packaging – Proper package selection results in reduced waste management costs and eases the burden of on-site accumulation.
  • On-Site Control – “90-Day” and “ Satellite” accumulation areas are designed to provide efficient waste management within your facility. Waste technicians are extensively trained to perform their job safely and comply with management standards.
  • Transporter Validation – Often overlooked, verifying that the transporter is properly permitted, insured and has well trained drivers with a clear accident history will minimize the risk of transportation incidents.
  • Disposal Site Selection – Knowing where wastes are ultimately treated or disposed of is of utmost importance to properly manage risk. Illegal or improper waste handling practices increases Generator liability tenfold or more beyond initial disposal costs. Finding the perfect fit of your wastes with the right technology will reduce disposal costs and protect your long-term business interests from harm.
  • Cost Effective Solutions – By implementing this Comprehensive Waste Management Process, clients have reduced their immediate costs through accurate classification, packaging, source reduction and recycling valuable resources that are currently discarded.
  • Make The Right Business Decision – Give waste the respect it deserves. Value waste as an important asset rather than as a commodity to be handled by the lowest price service. This is a business decision you will be glad you made.