Having the right training of your staff to safely work with Dangerous Goods / Hazardous Materials is very important – These individuals bear an enormous responsibility to prepare regulated hazardous products in a safe and compliant manner that arrive at their destination without delay.

Hazardous Materials must have the right classification, packaging, marking, labeling. Shipping papers must provide correct emergency response information. These steps are critical to satisfy the unique regulatory requirements in each mode of transportation.

World Class Environmental Resources, LLC is a leader in the Hazardous Materials Transportation industry. We have over 30 years’ experience in assisting clients meet their regulatory compliance and training obligations outlined in 49 CFR – USDOT hazardous materials regulations.

Our Comprehensive Hazardous Materials Shipping Course is entirely unlike any other HazMat course you have ever attended:

• First, we listen to you and learn exactly what you need to ship your goods.
• Then, we Customize the course to meet your particular functions.
• Next, we Simplify the shipping process.

Graduates of this program:

• Receive the tools to really satisfy their customers’ needs
• Safely Transport Hazardous Material
• Minimize Errors and Delays
• Reduce Potential Fines and Penalties

We will not burden you with hundreds or thousands of pages of information you do not need to do your job. The result: shipments are safely prepared, arriving at their destination without delay and in compliance with applicable rules.