Mail-A-Way ™ – Our most economical and popular waste management service come in convenient sizes ranging from 1 gallon to 12 gallons.

Mail-A-Way ™ kits are pre-purchased and used to destroy small volumes of hazardous waste, controlled drug substances, combinations of the two and non-hazardous pharmaceuticals. Some restrictions* apply.

Steps to ordering our Mail-A-Way ™ Kits:

  1. Provide a waste inventory for us to determine the size, type, and quantity of Mail-A-Way ™ kits needed
  2. Sign and return our Mail-A-Way ™ agreement to [email protected].
  3. You will receive your Order within 10 business days along with user instructions
  • A DEA Form 222 is completed Schedule II controlled drugs are present
  1. When filled, close the inner pail inside the outer shipper and apply the return label
  2. Call UPS for a pickup and return the filled Mail-A-Way ™ kits for destruction.

It’s that simple. Your wastes are destroyed by a DEA Registered Pharmaceutical Reverse Distributor via high temperature incineration.  A Certificate of Destruction is issued upon completion.